@benvoliothefirst: Very nice goblins man. Your greens are so smooth. Strong crisp shading on the faces of the armored ones.

@Covering Fire: Ah, the fimir. I just played Heroquest again, now with my 10 year old daughter. My first game since the early nineties. Some of it is even painted. Horribly painted, but probably the most important miniature painting of my life
Yours looks great BTW
Nice colors already on the skin of those xenos. Great progress!

@Daemonslave: Those wolves look excellent. Very realistic gradient of colors. Bugs look sweet as before. The noble is nicely painted, but is there something weird about the model itself? Seems off somehow.

@Teh Real New Girl: The painting is nice and you’re going for details. The eyes and pupils on Sister Mary are very well placed. What you should think about is base coating the dark colors (lots of black there) in a lighter color, in order to leave some room for depth. You could also add some highlights, even to black robes, to make them pop a bit.

@Doi: Very smooth and vivid painting on the ‘lope. It isn’t screaming though something very sinister coming still that in model and paint job.
Also, great skin on the manhunter.

@Great horned owl: Haha, maybe not the most complex minis this month (I’m looking at you tire), but Slytherio looks really good. Nice shading and gradient between the back and “chest”.
Thanks for the comment. I’ll try a less cluttered background for later finished photos.

@lorelorn: Termies still looking nice. Those GW space marines can be a pain to finish with all that sweet sweet detail that you just can’t leave out

@f2k: Details coming along nicely. Yeah, the places where different materials meet in those islands aren’t the sharpest casting, but you get the distinction pretty sharp nonetheless. You could always go for some freehanded wood grain on those wrecks , but they definitely look crazy good already.

For my WIP this month I wanted to elaborate a bit on the "paint the eyes first" method. It could definitely be better executed, but the good thing is that even if I didn't get all the paint exactly where I wanted it, this method ends up with a very decent look, and makes it so much easier to do the hardest parts, whites and irises.

Top row:
Step 1: a few passes of fairly thinned down white, to make sure there's a perfect white base, but also that the surface is smooth.
Step 2: A thinned down yellowish brown, mixed with white to "shade" the eyes. It's OK that it goes all over the face. It'll be covered with darker paint later.
Step 3: Here I paint the irises. I paint them from above and try to have them stronger at the top of the eye than the bottom. Again it's OK that it goes all over the place, since nothing else has been painted yet. I did little pupils here, and maybe I should have left them this way, but I did step 4 and can't really undo that.
Step 4: Here I strengthened the pupils, maybe a bit too much, but it's all good in the end. All of this is just a hint of color, rather than actual exactly painted pupils and irises.
Step 5: This I've never done before on a mini this small. A catch light. It was fun for practice but it doesn't really show up that much in the final product.

Bottom row:
Step 6: here I start on the shape of the eye itself. This is done from the outside, by painting the skin color. This is mush easier than trying to paint the eyes after the skin, from the inside. I start with thinned down paint, so that mistakes are easier to correct.
Step 7: Fix little nuances in the outline of the eye as I build up the skin base.
Step 8: Here I added a little white to fix the shape of the right eye while I added skin tone below the left eye, evening out the size of the eyes. At that point I kind of lost the whole colored iris and catch light feel, but it had to be done since the white of the eye was too much below the left pupil.
Step 9: Finally shading and highlights, some color on the hair and beard and details on the mouth. I think the model is meant to have the mustache be part of the beard so I'll decide later what (if anything) I do about that.
Step 10: This image is closer to the actual size of the mini. I actually took these photos and looked at them to find places I needed to fix, because a lot of what I was painting I actually couldn't see with my bare eyes. Whether that makes it pointless detail or not I don't know, but it's good practice and a good way to do eyes on the minis that you're ready to spend some time on getting good quality on the focus points of the model. I'm going to do this on a few more models at least and see if I can't get more precise results.

Finally here's an image of this month's painting, the five leaders. The warriors are there just to help me make decisions on colors etc. but they will be painted later in the tale.

The leaders are kind of the main models in this set, so it'll be a jump up in detail and a jump down in speed from last month's monsters, but I hope I can get them mostly done in the next 2-3 weeks.