Finally! The long awaited Ynnari Skyweaver unit is painted! What a project this was....
When I started painting my first test model, I had a small vision on how I want it to look. Not everything came out as planed, but some on the spot decisions, turned in to a fantastic result. Now, since I had a clear plan in mind, I shouldent have any problems painting my first unit, right?
Well... Lets say I forgot every single paint I used for my test miniature. First of all I highlighted the skin to much. The test miniature had a darker tone to it, and I still am mad I couldent achieve the same result here. Then the gold... I used the wrong one here But quickly released that and repainted all gold parts.
The the hair.... Dont even remind me Or, actually do remind me, because I still have 0 clue how I did it on the test model. Did I glaze it without applying a wash? Or I washed it first and then started glazing? Or did I highlight on top of glazing?
The bikes them selves were a nightmare.... The was a point when I was so close on trowing one of them in to the wall.... But a small mistake saved them! You see, I dont like smooth models. I dont like to paint any Eldar transport or bike because of that. So I struggled with shading them, and then building back up the high light. It was to red for my liking, also considering I dont remember what colors I mixed to achieve the red on my test model. But then I noticed one small thing, I stroke of black paint on the side of the bike. And I really liked how it looked, it gave them worn out, burned, effect. So I started thinning down my black, and applying 7 layers of it on parts I believed should be burned. And that just came out really well!
All in all, I think this unit came out amazingly good
Oh, did I mention that the bases are different to? Well, I had this color in mind from day one, the problem was that I dident achieve it on the test mini. So some times mistakes are for the better :lol!: