Just a few brief words on something I've forgotten to mention so far:

Build on Strength, don't shore up Weaknesses

If you have an ability that increases DEF, apply it to a model or unit that has a high DEF to start with. If you have a spell that increases ARM, find a target with a high native ARM.

Why, you ask? Well, this is a direct function of the bell-curve you get when you roll two or more dice. The difference between a 9+ and a 10+ is mich bigger than between a 6+ and a 7+, and both are bigger than the difference between a 3+ and a 4+.

Nothing wrong with staking buffs, either. +2 DEF on a DEF 14 model with an extra add one dice, drop highest is even stronger than just the combined DEF of 16.

But ... there are exceptions, right?

Yes, there are, of course. I once played a game against Stryker1 where my opponent would have done me in hard if he had cast Arcane Shield on his low-armor Long Gunners when he triggered his feat. But those exceptions are rare - so unless you have a good reason to go against the principle, don't.


That's it for today! Expect a few smaller segments with concrete, practical advice going forward, a I've run out of big topics to cover, for now at least. And a few edits to previous posts, where it makes sense. See you soon!