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Thread: This is a blog, come have a look.

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    This is a blog, come have a look.

    Hello everyone,
    Like many, I've been doing model stuff for the majority of my life, and I've only now thought (after a friend's suggestion) to start up a plog of what I'm working on. Since I've just undertook a new 40k project this seemed like a good time to record actual steps, but more on that later.

    What you will find here:

    My main project at present is a new aircav army for the militarum tempestous in 40k. I also have guard and wolves that I'm neglecting in a big way.

    Secondary work is to finish up my nomad force for Corvus Belli's Infinity.

    Then there's always fantasy ogres and elves and some ral partha, who knows.

    Here's a few random pictures of my past works to give an idea of what I've done. Later I'll follow up with my first project - I'm going to kitbash a marauder bomber out of a b25.

    Couple of Infinity models - these are my most recent pictures. And below are a few older warhammer ones:

    Comments and feedback are welcome on this thread going forward, ofc.
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