Thanks! I'm pretty happy with the results so far. The ice is made from agrellan earth on a blue base that I then painted over with white / blue. The hardest part there was getting it to crack in large enough pieces - have to really gob it on to keep it from being super fine, which doesn't really look great as ice. I then added snow on top of ice with white glue mixed with... I think it was corn starch, tbh, which made a thick kind of gloop. I tried to added some dry starch on top as powder, but it definitely didn't stick on like a proper basing, so that's something else to work on.

Sadly, I'm still feeling a bit paralyzed on these wolves - I'm so far removed from space marines (and 8th, to a degree) that I have no idea what's viable, particularly with how crazy expensive points costs are, so it's tough to make new models. I might look into getting some tiny magnets so I can magnetize the terminators, then do whatever, but we'll see.

Also excitement for the future - I ordered myself the first valkyrie stand-in as a test, so if/when it shows up that might be the next major project (because I'm way more into that right now, particularly with the guard book and all that).