Alright, fell a bit behind on regularly updating this, not because I wasn't working on my stuff, but more that I've been doing a lot of gap filling and brainstorming and other stuff that doesn't have much of a deliverable.

Here's the current photo of the plane - I've added the nosepiece, ultimately I decided to keep the original narrow nose, as right now I want to keep the nose-mounted cannon look from the original model.

I've also added the tail at this point, and am nearly ready to add the wings, which will be a big step towards looking complete.

Turns out I didn't have enough autocannons in my guard bits to finish the destroyer (turns out having 6 of them on hand was a tall order), and I didn't see any bits online that resonated with me (without being exorbitantly pricey), so I hacked a few together out of scrap for the time being, may stick with them unless I come up with a better idea.

Probably put the other four in the original noseholes - trying to get them to sit straight at the moment and then I can see if they look any good like that

Since I didn't have a lot of progress on the marauder right now I thought I'd also drop a picture of the stormtroopers I'm planning on using - these are from dreamforge games

Heard a lot of people talk about using these models so I picked some up on ebay and I think they'll do quite nicely for stormtroopers. The original model has a sort of star wars stormtrooper face, which I didn't really care for, so I'll be masking over them or doing headswaps, but besides that.