Not sure where I'll be putting the eagles, I'm going to experiment a bit and see what looks the best. I want to walk the line between nice camouflage and exciting visuals

The colour was done by hand, though I'm happy with how it turned out. I've added some more camo to it, also by hand, which wasn't too bad. I had a lot of trouble with the grey - it went on super streaky and I was down to redoing it (pretty disappointed, considering it was a GW paint).

I picked up some low adhesion masking tape to do the invasion stripes - not even going to try to freehand that. Here's my paint swab where I wanted to make sure the tape wouldn't lift the paint. I'm satisfied with the results.

From what little I've played of 8th I think this army will do well. Stormtroopers are in a great spot, but they need transports to get within their 9" rapid fire range, and valkyries will do that. They've teased the stats for the marauder destroyer and the firepower looks amazing - 30 shots and no penalty to heavy weapons. However, it's got crappy survivability (Only T7 and 6 more wounds than a valkyries), so I'm hoping it won't be too expensive or it'll end up as a ineffective bullet magnet. Can't wait to see what it can do, though.

I've got the first round of stormtroopers and bases primed, now I just need to settle on a paint scheme and I can start showing them off, as well.