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    Re: This is a blog, come have a look.

    Righto, what a shakeup in the world of 40k with all this 8th edition stuff. My own armies are still in turmoil right now, which makes it hard to really make progress on armies. So naturally I'm going to work on the one model I have with no real rules <_<

    Good news is that I finally settled on a base coat for the marauder, and I'm happy with how it looks.

    I still plan to add a second colour on top, if not a third, and I'm just milling over what colours would be best with the base blue. Did a small sample slip to visualize things

    I'm also thinking about adding invasions stripes, not that that necessarily makes sense in the grimdark, but I think it would look visually striking and help it stand out as a centerpiece on the table (since I'll want that in a super heavy).
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