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Rumors of my demise are false! I still exist! Real world stuff has slowed my FW and I need to get some painting done.

That said another quick battle report. The 12th Cadian joined with the Raven Guard and "Steve" the Imperial Knight to once again fight the might of the "Yellow Peril". A strange battle where we had to destroy each others "Couriers". Ours was a PSM Lt hidden behind a wall. The YPs was hidden in the Tank Commanders Shadow-sword. The battle only went two turns with "Steve" being destroyed in turn one and the the Shadow-sword and Courier being destroyed in turn 2. We won! I fielded my Praetor for the first time with mixed results. I also deployed a Tank Troop with an attached Executioner which was destroyed in turn two. So mainly some battle testing of Tanks in action in Ver 8 in this game. Here 's some photo's. Oh the little flame template in the first photo is where "Steve" was!

Red vs Green vs Yellow? lol.