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Thread: “Cadia Stands!” The continuing saga of Jacka’s Orphan Brigade.

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    Re: “Cadia Stands!” The continuing saga of Jacka’s Orphan Brigade.

    Well A good day on St Pius as some reinforcements arrived from the 33rd Tulean Mech Army. Firstly the Shadow Sword "186472 St Pius's Hope" commanded by Lt James McKenzie a Tulean Squat. Just needs a Stubber and Squat crewman and it will be Jackafied. Oh I have to correct one of SDKFZ's painting secrets and all will be good.

    Oh the Shadow Sword may be familiar with some of you tread heads. Yes it is one of SDKFZ super heavies, gained after some international trading activity. I needed one of these guys to deal with guys like "Steve" the Imperial knight and the Yellow Perils Shadow Sword.

    Then a Cadian Devil Dog which is in need of an Jacka upgrade. I bought the Devil Dog for $25 AUD. Bargain me thinks! I will add Ratguad sides, track guards Stubber and Squat Crewman to the Devil Dog. The Devil Dog came from a local Hobby Store (Tiger Models) which is closing down. ( Bugger my nearest paint store is now 200 Kms away.)

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