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As soon as i get a volunteer, Jacka
With that lot you have now you could take silentsmoke and his Titian Legion. Probably whip him as well!

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I'd volunteer.. but it's a bit of a ways to get here.. and my place is damn near claustrophobic so no place for a table.
Must be bad in that Log cabin in Smith falls.

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You can always come down here, we can get you plenty of games. Also, I'll clear out space in the man-cave for you and your armour.
Yes I can but I am getting more practice in first.


The last Tank has commenced. Had a resup of spray paint so we are good to go for this Battle Tank to be finished Wednesday. I will be short a few bits of fruit, antenna and jerry cans, but they are on back order with the loggie pukes. (Or those really good blokes who have sent me some nice bits I need.) This Tank went together in a day so must have my eye in. Or practice makes perfect. After I finish this I'm going to paint some figures and terrain. Had enough of Tanks for awhile.