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Good work on those guncrews, Mate. Great to hear that the "troopholder" is working ! have had thoughts about getting one, but i wanted to hear what people think of it first. Cheers for sharing I must admit i hate painting troops as much as you, but they need to be there to support all the armor, dont they
They are great, but I have plans for tank as well.

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Troops can really suck sometimes. When I started guard, I started with 100 troops all in one go, it took forever to get the motivation to put them together, then another few months just to prime them. Where did those guys with the soft covers come from, madrobot?
Yes they and the scale is perfect.

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Did you get any good stuff for your hatching day?
No mate away working, but my "self " present is another LR tank. My Warlord Tank!

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Lets hope so After the move and everything, youve earned some
Yes I have and the Garage will be raised this weekend. Photo's soon.