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Thread: Fantasy Arms & Armour Scrutinized

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    Fantasy Arms & Armour Scrutinized

    Do you have observations of your own or links to videos or articles dealing with fantasy armament or armour seen through a realistic utility lense rather than stylistic? Share here!

    A metalworker's look on fantasy armour suits

    Quote Originally Posted by On Arthas' Armour
    The statement this armor makes: You really, really like death. As in, you alone rule over legions of the undead, all from the comfort of the Frozen Throne. Also, you have no qualms wearing metal plating in sub-zero temperatures, and your helmet doubles as a radio antenna or tuning fork in a pinch.

    Should you wear it in a fight? No, unless you want your neck snapped. "Any time you put structures up on the helmet, that gives me a good handhold to grab it and twist your head right off your neck," says Johnson. "It's just leverage; if there's any way to hit that, grab it, push it, your head isn't strong enough to stop that from happening."
    Now, what does this say of big hat Chaos Dwarfs? Suicidally stylish or too thick-necked to break?

    Helmet crests are not such a huge disadvantage in and of themselves, though. If you're within reach of grabbing your opponent's helmet, they're likely down or dead already.

    Lethal breast armour

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