I used to love Starcraft because it was very realistic, for a science fiction setting at least. In the first game, great pains were taken to design the units and their background in a way to make them seem plausible. The only grain of "magic" in the mix was the psionic abilities of both Zerg and Protoss, and surprisingly Terrans, which was attributed to a very recent change in the human genome.

Unfortunately, this is no longer true as Blizzard and Chris Metzen decided to crank silliness up to eleven in their games in order to appeal to mobile game audiences, leading to Terran "Transformers" technology, Zerg being "evolved" (= forced into a random new shape) instantaneously over a span of multiple lightyears without any interaction whatsoever, hitherto isolated Primal Zerg apparently speaking flawless English with their monstrous muzzles, and Protoss conveniently being able to do whatever the mission requires.

Just compare Diablo III armor to Diablo II armor and you get the picture. The designers even said they deliberately made the Barabarian armor so that he could accidentally impale himself on it. That's some great protection there folks.

The less said about Blizzard the better.