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I'm curious about your experience with India. The ability of the British to use India as a "second capital" for reinforcements is huge. So many strategic games treat India is a net drain on the Brits, but in fact it had immense resources and considerable defensive capabilities. My one regret in the game (which I had to leave when the result was in doubt but the Entente had the upper hand) was that I didn't fully exploit India's potential.
The Turks really have to evict the Brits from India. I think if the Brits and the Italians put in a concerted effort they could eliminate the Turks early. We played a third time a couple of weeks ago and the best strategist in our group was playing the Brits and he realised the value in India. He nearly put the Turks down twice on his own by using his navy to come up the red sea and strike at their homeland while they funneled their meagre troops to the front in the east.

The general consensus seems to be that it is difficult for the Central Powers to win. We figured that there area couple of things that have to happen: they take Russia as quickly as possible and the Turks push the Brits out of Asia . I think an alternative strategy would be to ignore Russia, effectively reinforcing the border, perhaps trading territories, the Germans go for Paris through Switzerland and the Austrians for Rome (possibly striking of over the Adriatic as well as down the boot).