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Thread: returning 2nd/3rd edition player

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    Re: returning 2nd/3rd edition player

    I am now adding another board to my set for a mega 6 x 12 battlefield for super heavies and titans.

    I am the moderator of the age old yahoogroup RuneSight (any are welcome to join).

    My VDR rules for the Harlequin MockingBird made it into the 5th edition Player Fan Codex (just found out about that last month!!! lol)

    My concerns with learning 8th edition.

    When I read the forums I am completely lost after Unbound/bound, the different formations and the special rules for such and terminologies like Relentless bypasses standard rules for this and that, Snapfire, etc etc.

    It seems the editions have piled up a ton of rules which will seem normal for current players reading the upcoming rule book, but from a 3rd edition player it is as much a change as going from 2nd to 3rd was.

    There seems to be an incredible amount of variety despite the attempts to streamline the rules. Not that this is bad, but so much specialization leads to so much abuses too. Same as it was in 2nd ed. Somehow I hope they bring datafaxes back and get rid of wounds on vehicles.....and I hope 6th edition hth or whatever was the best comes back as 2nd and 3rd edition hth were both horrible!

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