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Thread: returning 2nd/3rd edition player

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    returning 2nd/3rd edition player


    I had a 17k Eldar force in 2nd edition. {22k in 3rd edition} I was perhaps one of the first to field 3 Tempests in a 40k Battlegroup (like Epic) and twin Revenants in a Squadron (like epic). I casted 21 of the old style original Jes Goodwin organic looking WaveSerpents.

    When 3rd came out I lost most of my gaming pals who quit as they hated the new rules and missed 'HeroHammer'
    I Made a 20 pieces of 3D Modular Game boards {22"x22"} to fit on my 6 x 8 table. Went to a bunch of Rogue Traders (got Players Choice for my PDF army) Besides the PDF I went with Dark Eldar as well as all flavors of Eldar.

    By the time 4th came out I moved onto other interests.

    Now I am back. Got 2 new players to join the old band of 6 to 9 2nd edition players and getting a 3rd edition player to try out 2nd edition for the first time next week.

    We have been playing for about 3 months now and relearning the rules. It was so hard trying to unlearn 3rd edition to play 2nd edition again. I became a much better player in 2nd edition due to my experiences with 3rd edition(which is more tactically driven). I also appreciated the richness and 'funness' of 2nd edition. (which was lost in 3rd)

    Yesterday the Tyranid Exocrine that was rampaging into the imperial dreadnought barely missed his ram attempt and lost a might struggle vs the dreadnought (which had killed 2 Hive Tyrants and 2 Malefactors already). The battled evoked images of the great beast bearing down on the dreadnought as he struggled to hold the gargantuan monstrosity trying to bury him and then thrusting his power fist into the maw of the Exocrine....With the hideous tounge wrapped around his fist he tried to pull the insides out but only broke off a molar!! lol. Now the Exocrine was Nesting and broken from the Hive mind. It looked as if the Tyranids had lost. Somehow the Exocrine won the next round, destroying the Dread, which exploded and killed the last Terminator while itself still lived. The last piece on the board was the empty whirlwind which rammed the beast from behind and did nothing but caused an explosion thru the hull which killed the driver. Now the gunner took over the driving and pulled the tank away for a final Ram attempt. The result was the same! The Tyranids had somehow won. It was then told to the Imperial player that if he had just drove to the middle of the field he would have won on points !!!! It was an awesome finish.

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    Re: returning 2nd/3rd edition player

    I am now adding another board to my set for a mega 6 x 12 battlefield for super heavies and titans.

    I am the moderator of the age old yahoogroup RuneSight (any are welcome to join).

    My VDR rules for the Harlequin MockingBird made it into the 5th edition Player Fan Codex (just found out about that last month!!! lol)

    My concerns with learning 8th edition.

    When I read the forums I am completely lost after Unbound/bound, the different formations and the special rules for such and terminologies like Relentless bypasses standard rules for this and that, Snapfire, etc etc.

    It seems the editions have piled up a ton of rules which will seem normal for current players reading the upcoming rule book, but from a 3rd edition player it is as much a change as going from 2nd to 3rd was.

    There seems to be an incredible amount of variety despite the attempts to streamline the rules. Not that this is bad, but so much specialization leads to so much abuses too. Same as it was in 2nd ed. Somehow I hope they bring datafaxes back and get rid of wounds on vehicles.....and I hope 6th edition hth or whatever was the best comes back as 2nd and 3rd edition hth were both horrible!

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    Re: returning 2nd/3rd edition player

    Hello Runesight and welcome to the forums.

    Sorry it took a bit longer than normal to get your membership sorted, we've been doing them all manually.

    Enjoy WarSeer and we look forward to seeing more of your posts.
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    Re: returning 2nd/3rd edition player

    issss ALL good and thank you


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