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    Privateer Press Forums Overhaul

    I just visited the official PP forums a few minutes ago, for the first time in several weeks. I'm really not happy about the changes, and came here to see if there was any uptick in forum traffic for Privateer Press on warseer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Voss View Post
    Well, they've nuked their forums (got rid of general discussion and all faction discussion, and a giant pile of community created resources) and discounted the Outriders... er, press gangers. And pursue a relentless and aggressive moderation policy. Totally not as a response to a problematic 3rd edition, of course.

    Deja vu.
    Agreed, I'm surprised by their company decisions (but maybe I shouldn't be given all the other things that they've done recently).

    I'm also personally disappointed because I posted a thread with a bunch of community contributed cocktail recipes, it seems to have been deleted because it was posted in General discussion.

    EDIT: I found this.

    Transcript here:
    Quote Originally Posted by PPS_VALERIE, Social Media Coordinator
    Forum Behavioral Guidelines
    There is an existing perception that online communities are toxic and nasty to deal with. This is partially because humans are naturally more motivated to complain about things they don’t like than they are to praise the things that they enjoy. It is further compounded by what is known as the online disinhibition effect ( the abandonment of social restrictions and inhibitions found in normal face-to-face communication when using remote electronic communications). The anonymity provided by the Internet makes it very easy to dehumanize and disrespect people who are not in the room with you. It is easy to forget that the “they”—often used in a condescending manner—is actually referring to real people, most of whom are sharing an office while we read your feedback. For the protection and the overall health of the community, there is a zero tolerance policy regarding toxic behavior on the forums. You may be entitled to an opinion but you do not have the right to verbally abuse other people. On these forums you are required to be respectful and constructive. Acceptable behavior on the Privateer Press forums is strictly moderated and anyone who breaks the Terms of Service can be banned without warning.

    Civil Discourse
    The nature of discussing a complex game like WARMACHINE and HORDES means there will be disagreements. The first step for engaging in a healthy discussion is to acknowledge that your own opinions can be proven wrong. Only by working together and exposing ourselves to a large variety of perspectives can we truly come to the best conclusions. How you say something is just as important as what you say. Taking an aggressive tone with others will immediately put them on the defensive and makes them less receptive to your feedback. So think before you post—take a few moments to reread what you have written and be sure that you are treating everyone in a positive and civil manner.

    Constructive Criticism
    NOUN: criticism or advice that is useful and intended to help or improve something, often with an offer of possible solutions.
    Whether you’re at work, dealing with personal relationships, practicing for an upcoming tournament, or posting on the forums, giving and receiving constructive criticism is essential for improvement. When giving criticism, it is important to remember that you are trying to help someone. Condescending or offensive language will undermine your efforts by putting the other person in a defensive position. If you legitimately want to help someone, your words should carry that message. If you find yourself merely venting or trying to boost your own ego, stop immediately and consider whether or not you actually have anything helpful to say. Constructive criticism must be detailed. You need to explain the reasoning behind your opinions if you want someone to understand your critiques. It is often easy to be snarky and vague, and people often try to disguise their passive-aggressive insults as intelligent commentary. Unfortunately, these kinds of comments are never useful. No one will learn anything from your criticism if you don’t explain why you think that way.

    Don’t Vent
    There is a common misconception that “blowing off steam” by freely expressing negative feelings to other people will reduce one’s anger through catharsis. This concept is very old, and modern research has found plenty of evidence to the contrary. Venting can feel good for the individual in the short term, but those feelings are fleeting and are usually replaced with guilt and anxiety after the fact. While you might feel some temporary relief, expressing negative emotions toward other people will actually make the subject of your venting feel worse. It is also likely to lower the other person’s inhibitions against expressing anger, which can provoke retaliation. Venting is a lose-lose endeavor. Nobody benefits from the verbal abuse and negative feelings being expressed. This does not mean you can never express your feelings. Holding in all your emotions is certainly not a healthy or viable solution. Instead, you simply need to express yourself without hostility, blame, or entitlement.
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