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Thread: The Dark Passion Play - Kakapo's 40k Swan Song

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    The Dark Passion Play - Kakapo's 40k Swan Song

    The end,
    The songwriter's dead,
    The blade fell upon him,
    Taking him into the white lands,
    Of Empathica,
    Of Innocence,

    So then begins my first ever project log here. For a long time I stayed away from the painting and modelling section on here, as most of my forum activity in general is highly compartmentalised - Advanced Tau Tactica for Tau stuff, for Wood Elf related work and so on, leaving this site mostly to discuss (and usually rant) about other, non-hobby related tabletop subjects. But with the photo-posting function supposedly now fixed, I decided to take that as a sign to start one, covering any 40k-related projects regardless of their nature.

    There's also a darker side to it. Things are now very dire for the sad little nocturnal parrot who foolishly thought he could. The truth is I just don't really feel like I belong in the world of tabletop games any more (if I ever did to begin with). It seems I'm completely opposed with the rest of the community on almost every point, and more and more the entire tabletop wargaming landscape just all looks the same to me, and not in a good way. Related media keeps saying that 2017 is going to be the best year yet for tabletop games, but so far my enthusiasm for them is at an all-time low. I don't see myself doing this for much longer.

    So it is that in my desperation I have brought my tainting darkness to the pristine corner of the hobby section on warseer. I have heard tell of this fabled place that is a beacon of positivity even in the best of times, so perhaps if I start a thread here some of that good nature might rub off on me. Maybe I can find a reason to keep going with the hobby that's been with me since I was a child. If nothing else, then at least it should keep the worst of me contained to just one thread, instead of infesting entire subforums.

    And if worst comes to worst, then maybe I can at least leave behind something constructive, with a log of pretty pictures of (probably crudely painted) models. I figure that would probably go down better than the alternatives.

    To start with, here are the latest models I've been working on - some Firewarrior test models for the long-awaited rebuilding of my Tau army. The Tau were the first 40k faction I ever collected, and indeed were the first tabletop army of any system that I was interested in, after becoming enamoured with the box artwork for the computer game Fire Warrior when I was 8 years old. Since then they have remained one of my two favourite factions in 40k, and now that my Tau fleet for Battlefleet Gothic is mostly finished (for now at least) I've begun an extensive rearmament program for my poor neglected ground forces.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This first test model was mostly to try out the colours I'm going with - the classic T'au desert camouflage scheme from the original GW studio Tau army as it was showcased in Codex: Tau. This project is (or was, before it took on it's darker overtones) to be a celebration of and homage to the magic of the early 2000s 3.5 era 'Silver Age' GW and the original Tau army that so captivated me for all this time as much as a renovation and modernisation. I am a child of late 3rd edition and early 4th edition 40k, and I wear the colours of that era with pride.
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