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Thread: The Dark Passion Play - Kakapo's 40k Swan Song

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    Re: The Dark Passion Play - Kakapo's 40k Swan Song

    Where oh where do I start...

    I have begun to notice a new development in my agonising slide towards oblivion - I now feel anger towards GW's statements. All of the various little quips and asides that have begun creeping into their official messages are insulting towards me, as are the various releases geared towards nostalgia. Each one is a slap in the face, a mockery of the past era that I love so dearly, and the generalisations make

    Please stop GW. I am not excited, I am horrified and miserable. 2017 has not been the best year for my tabletop hobby, it has been one of the worst, an all-time low-point and a continuation of a long downwards spiral that has been ongoing since May 2013. I don't want your 8th edition 40k. I don't want your ugly not-Squats. I don't want your metaplots. Stop saying that I do, I never asked for any of what you're doing now except for the tattered scrap of an archive service you call Made To Order. And nothing you have done recently makes me trust you at all.

    I want the 3.5 edition setting as a sandbox, and I want the models you made between 1997 and 2008. Not some CAD-designed abomination with a few nods to them, not a Forgeworld kit in the style of them, those exact models, exactly as they were. And I want to be able to use the rules from that era in a public space. If you're not going to provide those things, and it's clear that you aren't, then there is nothing you can do to win me back.

    And as someone who holds Bretonnia as their second favourite favourite Warhammer Fantasy faction of all time, I find your new Forgeworld Blood Bowl team grossly offensive.

    God I feel so voiceless these days.

    On a more positive note, joining me in my last stand is my first new Firewarrior team in over a decade.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Firewarrior Team Kais (as if it was going to be called anything else given my fondness for the computer game Fire Warrior) is my first new Firewarrior team in over a decade, though it is also a homage to the first Firewarrior team I ever owned and contains several throwbacks to it. Like that one, I've taken the idea of personalising and special roles to heart and made the unit a sort of 'Kill Team lite', including several specialised members. Some, like the tech specialist and honour guide, have been carried on from the first team, while others, such as the demolitions expert and medic, are entirely new. Almost no component swaps or kitbashing was used to make the team - I am keeping conversion work in the army down to a minimum, because A) I already think the models look fantastic as they are and don't really feel the need to modify them too much, B) I'm looking at focusing more on getting the most out of the model kits themselves and pushing them to their limits rather than introducing lots of outside elements and C) it will make the major conversions I actually do really stand out that much more.

    Thus, the only component used in this unit from another kit was the Shas'Ui's markerlight, taken from the new Pathfinder kit. I think most of all, more than anything, my favourite part about the 2013 6th edition Tau releases was the introduction of a readily available separate markerlight bit, and I have obtained an entire box of Pathfinders purely to harvest for markerlights for my team leaders (though other bits on it will be coming in handy also). It is a testament to the flexibility of the old Firewarrior kit that I was able to make all of the specialists that I wanted (5 in total) using only the parts contained within it. Plus a little greenstuff and a piece of sprue frame (and the ubiquitous florist's wire for the Shas'Ui's stylish data-cables).

    The team also includes a Team Second painted with a white helmet and shoulder guard panel (a tradition carried on with all my Firewarrior teams), with an in-universe justification as a deceptive countermeasure against enemy snipers. It also allows me to split the team and field it as two units of 6 Firewarriors with minimal fuss if I so wish (I can also conveniently make both teams Bonded by simply including the honour guide in with the Second's group). Her pose is a direct reference to the first team's Second, though not an exact copy (mostly because I wanted the required set of legs for it for another use), with the major change being a worn helmet, as I am moving to the old 3rd edition GW studio Tau army's pattern of only one bare head per Firewarrior team. Even then all of the infantry models will have a helmet somewhere on them, as what I've read suggests that going into an active warzone without some kind of head protection is widely regarded as a bad move.

    Painting wise it's nothing that hasn't been already shown on the test models, with the exception of the white panels on the Shas'Ui and his second. I experimented with them after the thought suddenly occurred to me that the erroneous colour choices listed in the 3rd edition codex's painting instructions might have been a typing/publication error (as they say, never attribute malice to what could simply be incompetence) and they really meant Bleached Bone instead of Vomit Brown. Thus, I tried a 3:1 mix of Skull White and Bleached Bone (that's White Scar and Ushabti Bone for you youngsters reading this) for the main white colour and was tickled with the results, which were much closer to the white on the studio models. The only question left after this breakthrough was how to highlight it, for which I used a 3:1 mix of White Scar and Screaming Skull followed by a final highlight of White Scar. The Shas'Ui also has a simplified pattern of team-markings on his helmet and shoulder guard, indicating his team is a 'tactical' Firewarrior Team armed with a mixture of pulse rifles and pulse carbines.

    This update was delayed for a long long time as painting the team ran dangerously behind schedule. I had originally intended to get it finished before the start of the month, and was confident I would by using a production line painting method. The last army I worked on was a Wood Elf one for Warhammer Fantasy, where an overall production line was impractical on the plastic Glade Guard that formed the core of the army - units in Warhammer Fantasy are tightly ranked, and thus all the models in them must fit side-by-side, and since I was also working in sub-assemblies for maximum access during painting this meant I had to go through an entire unit one model at a time to make sure they all fit together when fully assembled (I tried keeping unpainted ones together with blu-tack at first, but that proved to be of little help as they kept falling apart or leaning over), and thus production line painting was only used for metal units. Since 40k units act in loose formation, this was not necessary, simplifying things considerably, however going through the entire unit in a gigantic production line quickly proved exhausting, and after two weeks I finally gave up and started working through it two models at a time. The end result has left me almost a month behind my initial planned schedule, and I fear the delays have meant that I will now never end up playing a full game of 40k at a GW store (unless they relax their policies on using older rules editions for games in there), as I will not use the coming 8th edition rules - I have already heard enough about them to know that they are not what I am looking for for 40k gaming.

    Still, all in all it is a fine start to my Tau rearmament program. Now to give them some backup...
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