In this project log, I will be preparing a force for the eventual release of Adeptus Titanicus, 8mm titan combat. I am anticipating that Adeptus Titanicus will be fairly expensive, considering that it is a specialist game and the models will most likely be made by forgeworld, so I will be scratchbuilding most of the models.

The focus of this log will be the Ember Wolves, a Titan legion with close ties to the World Eaters legion. There are two main reasons behind me choosing this force, I love the concept of a fast, hard hitting Titan legion that uses oversized harpoons to bring down enemy titans, and more importantly, The legion is composed entirely of Warhound Titans, 90 of them! Why is the legion being all Warhound Titans important you ask? Well, Doing some calculations, I found that the 10.5 inch tall 28mm warhound titan scales down to an 8mm height of... 3 inches, Exactly the same height as a sentinel. Do you know which model happens to have the exact same leg structure as a Warhound Titan? That's right, a sentinel.

So, my first goal for this Project log will be to put together a force of 5 Lucius class Warhound Titans belonging to the Ember Wolves Titan legion, Which I hope will be a good sized force for standard games of Adeptus titanicus. After that, Who knows...

Right, that's enough text, Time for some Pictures!

Humble Beginnings, You may have noticed that the feet have not been modified to better resemble those of a Warhound Titan. That's because this will be my prototype so those legs are part of a regular sentinel, not one of the titans.

And the start of my first Prototype hull. I've cut out the basic shape of the Lucius Class Hull and I've started to bulk it out. Thanks to Blackadder and his scratchbuilt 28mm Warhound which I used to eyeball the shape of the hull.

For those that remember it wondering about my imperial guard project log, I'll eventually get back to it. Probably.
Warning: this project log will be updated slowly!