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Would not like to meet the Leviathan Dreadnought in a dark ally.

What about a rock pile, as if he is moving around it as the model does seem to be on one side of the base.


Rock pile could work, tho it might have to be generic rubble as i have tons of left over terrain.

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Leviathan Dread dread is best dread.

For the base I'd maybe eBay the sarcophagus of one of the other dreadnaught patterns and having it destroyed on the base.
While i love the idea ( future dread base for sure) i would be hesitant to try that much re working around a painted model.

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Leviathan is looking great Nagas66.
Cheers mate.

Ok bad pic upload time! I need to take and upload some proper pics of done work as this log has been left in the dust too long, but RL has gotten in the way of things as it usually does. But for now 2 more srgs and another vexillia.
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