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Thread: My thread of sweet pain - Toooo many projects

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    My thread of sweet pain - Toooo many projects

    Hello all

    I have never started a specific thread since i have alot of different projects.This year i have decided to start one to try to motivate myself to finish things at last

    Here is what is in the pile of projects

    40k Orks - Have to much of them . To do list is :7xKilla Kans,2xDeff dreds,1xMegadred , Morkanaut, Gorkanaut, 6x mek guns,60+ Gretchen,100+Boyz,Bommer...... And the list goes on

    40k Space wolfs: 3 grey hunter squads,5x drop pods, 5x drednoughts, 5 terminators, 6 thunderwolf ,10x wolf and so on....

    40k Imperial knights: 6 knight to assemble and finish

    40k skitarii: have 3 geting started boxes - 2 dune walkers done , 10 rangers 50%done ,10x vanguard 50% done rest in a box

    30k Death Guard : 60 marines , Mortarion,Tiphus, Vindicator, Deredeo, 2x Contemptor,5x terminators......

    For my local gaming club that i runi have bunch of armies i am slowly finishing - Tabletop standard . I am the founder of the club and the purpose of it to promote the hobby and to give people who dont have the financial means a chance at this great hobby. At the moment we have most of 40k armies and i teach children how to assemble and paint models for free.

    Here is some stuff i done in the last month:

    Here is what is on the table at the moment:
    My SW stormwolf:

    For my Gaming club. Ultramarines 2nd company:

    That is it for now. Feedback is always welcome - Good or Bad
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