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    Re: Warhammer Total War 2

    Let's plays are wandering out.
    lionheartx10 has an early exclusive co-op series playing dark elves. His partner is a little clueless, which I find strange.

    They can't show the final battle or the later rituals, but it is interesting nonetheless. A few surprises- as usual in TW, the first task is to secure the starting province. For some reason Malekith has to recover his from skaven. The rest of the dark elf early game is almost entirely mirror-matches though, conquering or confederating a half dozen factions. Some signs of beastmen and oddly quiescent norscan tribes north of the wall. I was expecting a greenskin tribe or two in the south/central regions, since they're canonically there. The western side of the continent is just ruins (which may or may not have more skaven)

    Morathi seems to increase chaos corruption (not sure if this is innate or from raiding). The black arks are horrifyingly scary. They function like autonomous chaos or beastmen hordes in terms of growth and buildings, but of course have the bombardment and various bonuses that they hand out in a radius. They do seem to lack economic buildings, which makes them something of a drain on resources.

    I like the battlemaps in this one. There is a great one in part 3 as they attack Vaul's Anvil- the settlement is up on the hills, and a ravine defines the other edge of the battlefield, while several camps make for terrain in the center.
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