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Thread: Fantasy-themed CSM

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    Fantasy-themed CSM

    So I'm doing an anachronistic CSM army. It's vanilla CSM as I wanted to use Belly as my general, and wanted my own Malal-ish force going on.

    Then I played Witcher 3 and thought the Wild Hunt was the way forward. Anyway, I've got Warriors as Marines, Knights as Bikers, Dragons as Heldrakes, and chariots as Maulerfiends (the chariot rules are gash and should just be simplified to walkers that move as beasts, plus using the Gorebeast steed but Warrior riders kind of fits since they have fists and flails, I just elevate them on a scenic base), so now I'm stuck on the Rhinos. I can just use a Rhino, although I'd rather proxy a Taurox (everything is basically taller and wider, so a Rhino looks a bit tiny), but if I can fins something a bit more fantasy, I'll be happy.

    Thoughts? Pictures are coming, and before you ask, yes, they have bolt guns, pistols and back packs, and the chariots have modern tyres to token gesture drag them into the future.

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    Re: Fantasy-themed CSM

    There are a couple of model manufacturers who might have a vehicle that fits with your theme. Nothing come immediately to mind, but another member may have some ideas.

    Good luck,


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