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Thread: (40K) Khrave Marauders

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    (40K) Khrave Marauders

    This is going to be my attempt to flesh out the Khrave xenos as an army for 40K. They are a major threat the Imperium has faced since the Age of Strife and are noted to be psychicly gifted. One battle that I read about them taking part in described them as chiropteran and I'm perfectly happy to run with bat-like, brain eating aliens. Their technology is Warp based but apparently can still be used by non-psychics too. They can descend upon a planet and wipe it out as food or stay for centuries, carefully feeding off it.

    There are a lot of details that can be filled in, which will make them a fun creative exercise. I intend to run with them being highly social apex predators who view everyone else as food (space vampires). I also want to make their sentience entirely based on feeding off of other sentient beings. The young and starving will be nothing more than humanoid pack predators. They will get bigger and stronger based on their age and the minds they eat. I'm also working on the idea that they do have a psychic community that, unlike the Tyranid hive mind, each individual retains their own individuality. This would be why their fleets are known as shard webs or nest webs, as each nest forms a psychic nexus that can link to other nests, allowing them to navigate and communicate across space.

    The Khrave view Chaos as an infection capable of corrupting entire nests but their communal link allows them to resist it or at least detect it in other Khrave. The young/starving will not have this psychic connection and can suffer mutation, which the Khrave are intolerant of. Unlike the Imperium, I'm thinking they turn their mutants into biomechanical war machines rather than destroying them. I'm also considering only giving them access to the psychic phase level of psychic powers as a special group of Khrave that feed very carefully on psykers so they can use those powers as a group, but not as individuals as an individual can be easily corrupted.

    That's it for now. More musings to come.

    My major sources come from the following:

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    Re: (40K) Khrave Marauders

    Weapons are always a fun part of new armies so why not start there.

    Now the Khrave are said to manifest all sorts of blades called Warp glamours. While super sharp pointy things made from the Warp are nice, they really just sound a lot like power weapons really. Now if all of the Khrave can manifest these blades, making them power weapons would be a no. Going that route would probably mean that their strength would scale in power with their user. While neat, this has been done before. I think I'd actually rather this be a special item though with a technological focus. Sure they would basically be lightsabers but conceptually I want to stick with more science over psychic so I at least have an out why the Khrave's psi blade keeps working in the presence of things that shut down psychic. So chances are they will just be power weapons in the rules, possibly that get better depending on the user.

    The major range weapons discussed are guns that fire Warp based shards like the Warp glamours that are comparable to bolters. If you're like me, you're saying "not more bolters". Now I'm tempted to do the scaling with the users here and starting the base weapon somewhere between the Str 3 Ap 5 to Str 4 Ap - or 6. Obviously I'm not going to think 8th ed until that drops, so for right now I'll use current standards to talk power. As for what they scale to I don't know yet. For catchy names, I'm thinking of going with rippers. I'm also thinking it might be fun to have a version that manifests solidified Warp matter in the target called impalers because space vampires.

    The Extinction Carbine is another weapon that is mentioned but nothing is mentioned on how it functions. Considering the name though, I have to make it a specialize weapon. My initial thoughts are some sort of radiation weapon designed wipe out organic matter that the Khrave deem too dangerous, like Chaos.

    Some of my own ideas include K-guns, weapons that use pure kinetic energy to break bones and topple opponents so the Khrave can follow up for feeding time. I'm thinking a flames type weapon for troops but an AA variant to deal with flyers too.

    Disrupters would be a sniper like weapon that causes the target siezures to incapacitate rather than kill.

    I like the idea so far that their weapons are designed to wound and cripple rather than kill out right.

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    Re: (40K) Khrave Marauders

    Some ideas for unit types now.

    Troops would be comprised of large melee packs of young/starving Khrave that fight simply with claws and fangs and smaller units of sapient marauders. I'm thinking that the Khrave military is actually small and most of the armies that are fielded are comprised of "regular citizens", who just happen to be apex predators. Leadership might be a possible weakness as predators are usually opportunistic and will often pull back when prey become extremely aggressive. This isn't out of fear, just pulling back to reassess and let prey tire itself. On a battlefield, this can be problematic so their military often is often what most armies officer corps would be, focused on leadership and tactics. I'm thinking the packs are led by brood mothers specifically their to direct the pack, cull mutants, and ensure that as many of the pack gain sapience as possible.

    Choosers would be a unit of snipers or possibly even stealthy heavy weapons units. There job is to cripple large or choice targets to divide up as spoils later. I imagined the disruptors would play a part here.

    While I'm not settled on going to the Maya for names I'm calling the Khrave jump troops Camazotz for now. I'm personally imagining a mechanical frame that generates an energy field from the Warp that look like bat wings. I'm thinking K-guns would be a common sight here to crush enemies to the ground and knock other flying units out of the sky.

    Headhunters would be an example of what they do to mutants. Turned into a centaur-like cyborg they scavenge battlefields for heads they can store in stasis vats to keep the brains fresh. They are often used as shock units. Depending how Choosers shape up, there might be a variant that replace the stasis tanks with heavy weapons.

    Another example of these cyborgs will probably come in the form of a breaching unit. Khrave who grow too large and develop no sign of sentience are turned into heavily armored juggernauts made to breach fortifications.

    There will probably be a full military unit as elites. These troops would probably of space marine size and possibly have scaled up rippers (need a new name, forgot the Nids).

    I have an idea for what I'm calling Alchemist at the moment, who are behind a lot of the Khrave's tech. They would actually be A small unit that can use special weapons or, as one, manifest psychic powers like a psyker in other armies. Their capabilities would diminish with their numbers, but they'll have cool toys to back it up.

    Commanded will probably be worth a 40mm base (Terminator size, right?) and I'm thinking only some special characters get to be the size of Primarchs. I'm also thinking that one special character will let you run with Chaosy (probably Nurgle) effects.

    As for vehicles right now I'm thinking slow, heavy armor bunkers, that can risk Warp jumps for greater distance at increasingly greater risk.

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    Re: (40K) Khrave Marauders

    Innocent Packs: The Khrave name for those non-sapient members of their species roughly translates to innocents. To them the lack of self-awareness means they are not aware of the dangers of the galaxy nor do they taste the joy of the gifts freely given to other species. This is not a term of endearment they use for their young, but a statement of fact about the state of the non-sapient Khrave. While it is often used to refer to their young it is a state that any Khrave can descend to if starved of the brains of sentient species. Many fear returning to this state as, to the Khrave, becoming innocent again is worse than death. It is believed that if they die as sentient beings then a Khrave’s mind will remain in the web, blend with other wills, and eventually imprint upon innocents who are awakening. Those who’ sentience is allowed to erode are lost and even if their body regains its sentience it is as a new being. During hard times, those who volunteer to sacrifice themselves and starve are revered as true heroes that must be kept alive in memory, for they are otherwise lost forever.

    Innocents are not coddled; they are expected to hunt and fight to gain their place within the web. They are released in great packs upon the battle field with only crude base armor and the claws and fangs to protect them, none of the glamours carried by the awakened. They are not seen as expendable as it is the hope that the majority will awaken as they feed and join the web. As such, most packs are accompanied by a matriarch, a female Khrave who has recently given birth to a brood. The Matriarch is able to control innocents like no other due to a combination of pheromones and psychic impressions they give off after they have given birth. It is the matriarch’s job to exert control over the innocents’ base instincts when needed, cull the mutants and the weak, and aid them in taking down tough prey.

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    Re: (40K) Khrave Marauders

    Awakened Packs: The awakened are the citizenry of the Khrave nest webs; those who have become sentient from feeding on other sentients and become part of the web. They carry out the myriad tasks within each nests and range from artisans to stellar pilots. Where as many species might draw upon such civilians in times of desperation, the Khrave all raised to hunt the most dangerous game across the galaxy. They are consummate predators that operate seemlessly within a pack due to their telepathic link and regularly train with their glamours; the Warp based technologies that flow with their thoughts. What might appear as alien jewelry will quickly materialize matter of the Warp into flexible plates that flow with their wearers movement for excellent mobility. Their bleeders can quickly convert to and from a rifle or pistol as the Khrave manifests a glamour blade as it falls upon its prey. Awakened packs form the flexible core of of Khrave armies.

    An awakened pack can be led by either an ascendant or a strategist. Ascendants are elder Khrave that have grown larger and powerful from consuming the minds of worthy prey. They add power and experience to the pack. Strategists are military advisors who ensure that the pack functions as part of the greater whole. They add cunning and leadership to the pack.

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    Re: (40K) Khrave Marauders

    Here is an initial thought about stat lines for Khrave:

    Innocent WS:3 BS:2 S:3 T:3 I: 4 Ld:6 Sv: 5+
    Awakened WS: 4 BS:3 S:4 T:3 I:4 Ld: 7 Sv: 4+
    Ascendant WS:4 BS:4 S:5 T:4 I:4 Ld:8 Sv:3+
    Exalted WS:5 BS:4 S:6 T:5 I:4 Ld:9 Sv: 2+

    I’m thinking that you will be able to choose between two different types of squad leaders. One choice will give you the physically larger and more powerful pack alpha and the other will give you an actual soldier that boosts the squad’s leadership by 2, be the cheaper option, but possibly with more wargear options due to being in the military. The only exception would be with Innocent packs as the Matriarchs would be awakened and give the pack LD:8.
    Bleeder Pistols and Rifles, the current operating name for the Khrave’s base weapon, will have the normal 12” Pistol or 24” Rapid Fire range. The Weapon Str would be between 3 or 4 and the AP value would be none to 5. I don’t want another Str 4 AP5 gun though.

    One option I’m thinking of, at least for squads comprised mostly of Awakened Khrave would be to have heavy weapons restricted to the Ascendants. You’d still be able to take special weapons.

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