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Elegant, but where's the chaos?
Then again, it's hard to strike a good balance between fluff and functionality.

I liked your earlier suggestion that Orcs wouldn't start a scrap when taking fire. Making units who took casulaties immune to animosity would be an intersting idea I think (forcing the enemy to choose between whittling down greenskins with shooting and magic or having them suffer from anomoisty).
Of course there would be some bookkeeping involved to keep track of which units took casulaties so that complicates things again.
Chaos? You want chaos??!!

Over the weekend I played a game with a Chaos army against a magic-heavy orc one. Knowing the orcs would be throwing magic around - and knowing I didn't have a wizard - I decided to screen my army with beastman skirmishers.

Beastmen are "Rebellious."

So what do you think they did on the first turn?

Why they did nothing because I rolled a "1" and my whole army was pinned in place while orcs maneuvered to get around the flank!

I love this @#$! rule.