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The 3d6 drop one (also used by Lizardmen) is basically the same thing as a +1.
Yeah but it's better than a +1
The point is to make the army better at no cost isn't it?
Keep the same name, act as if it's still a downgrade but really it's just a blatant buff.

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How about a leadership next not to charge units the closest enemy unit in range and giving them an extra attack on the first round of combat?

It's not quite frenzied, but it's not normal either.
I like that.
You'll want to charge anyway but get to act as if not wanting to charge is somehow something you don't want to do and you get a free +1 attack to compensate for the perceived downgrade.

I was also thinking that maybe they could get Auto-hits and Auto-wounds and Ignore all saves in round 1 and cannot fail a charge but are forced to charge.
But I haven't figured out a clever enough way to word that without triggering everyone's sarcasm meter to realise I'm just messing with them.
So I just went with a slight variant of the "Unruly" rule from "The Ninth Age".

Seriously though.
Roll a D6.
On a 1 you squabble. Immune to Psychology. Can't charge if unable to, if able to charge treat the roll as a 6.
On a 2-5 no effect.
On a 6 you must charge and gain Immune to Psychology and +D3 to your charge range.

There, loss of control though the unreliable nature of the army but it also represents the fierceness of the army since they'll charge headlong into danger.