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Yeah but it's better than a +1
If you go and compare the percentages of rolling three d6s and dropping the high number vs simply boosting the target number on a 2d6 curve, the result is very close to the same.

To put it another way, 3d6 drop high roll vs ld 6 is equivalent to a straight 2d6 ld 7.[/quote]

GW has a long and glorious history of not understanding how math works.

The point is to make the army better at no cost isn't it?
Of course.

The idea is to find a better way to simulate savage but unruly troops. There should be a gain (your boys really do a number once they get suck in) but also a liability (it's easy to pull them out of position).

Giving them a bonus attack on the first round shows that they have a short-term adrenaline rush, but the ability of the opponent to draw them out deliberately tempers that advantage.

Also, there's no irritating need to roll for each unit every turn.