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What about wolf or spider riders?
They're hardly elites...
Everything's relative. Wolf riders are hardly elite when compared to Grail Knights, but they are the elite among goblin-kind.

I get your point, but naming a number risks people gaming the system. Simply saying that cavalry (of whatever kind) are above that sort of thing makes sense. If you're trying to control a boar, big wolf or giant spider, you probably are focused on killing the enemy and staying in the saddle.

It's the infantry grunts that have the time to pick fights with each other.

To put it another way, having big orc/goblin cavalry units carries its own risk in terms of points. Why add to that by saying animosity takes a hand? And who is going to kill a cavalry model to keep it in check?

Again, I go back to what we all know are the source books, and the wolf riders came across as the upper-crust of the orcs. It was the grunts who got in to shoving matches.