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To put it another way, having big orc/goblin cavalry units carries its own risk in terms of points. Why add to that by saying animosity takes a hand? And who is going to kill a cavalry model to keep it in check?
I seem to recall "Squabble" results on the Animosity table describing the boss knocking heads together to restore order, not actually killing any of his troops.
That being said, 7th edition had a variant on this rule for Black Orc characters, where they killed troops to Quell Animosity.
That's when I stopped using them in anything other than Black Orc units as they sometimes ended up killing more of my greenskins than the enemy.

Goblins bond with giant wolves far better than Orcs with their giant boars, so there's less "hanging on for dear life" and more actual directing your mount where to go (with wolf riders at least).
And Goblins are notoriously petty and quarrelsome so from a background perspective squabbling wolfboyz make perfect sense to me.