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And Goblins are notoriously petty and quarrelsome so from a background perspective squabbling wolfboyz make perfect sense to me.
The idea behind animosity is that they are so combative that unless an enemy is handy, they will fight each other.

Wolf riders are uniquely capable of getting into contact with the enemy early on. So they wouldn't need to squabble because the big fight is right there within reach.

The same concept extends to other orcs and goblins. Yes, they like a good brawl, but with the enemy (and loot!) at hand, it doesn't make sense that they'd get into a shoving match while taking arrow fire.

Again, the problem isn't indiscipline or treason. If it was the former, Orcs would have ld 6 right along with the goblins. If it was the latter, the army would have some of those old school Khorne rules where they get victory points for killing their own side.

In either case, the animosity would apply to units in close combat. Seriously, if there's ever a time to settle a score, that's the place to do it. Just step back and let that High Elf spear impale Grimbowel Stonepasser. If it's only a grazing hit, your cleaver can finish the job.

What we're basically looking at is that O&G want to get stuck in ASAP. Failure to do so makes for problems.

So really the issue is troops not moving into contact. If they are, they're too busy to scuffle since they are focused on the imminent engagement.

It's when they aren't that the problems start.

At the same time, I dislike the notion that the rule is a rare thing. Most units advancing to contact won't experience it. I don't like rules that are written but never used. It makes a random game even more random and undermines player skill.

That's why my earlier suggestion doubled the probability but provided an easy "out" to avoid it.

Maybe the killing is a bit harsh. So how about simply requiring orc/goblin units to end each move closer to the enemy or have to take a test? The margin of failure would indicate how badly things go - do they just squabble or do they attack each other?

That would handcuff orc commanders, but it would be simple to implement and reflect their simple tactics.

It would also allow players who rush into combat (orc-style) to ignore the rule completely. Ideally, isn't that what we want?