Okay, so I never got a chance to actually implement that change. I was busy, okay?

Anyhow, with the benefit of more time, I'm thinking that another way of dealing with animosity would be to use it as a function of army selection, plus a little randomness.

That is to say, when you build an army, you're also creating the conditions for rebellious behavior within that army.

GW did this with the black orc thing - if you wanted to eliminate animosity, you could just put a black orc in charge of each orc unit. Pricey, but effective. I'm thinking of something along the same line, where there's a sliding scale in terms of troops going rogue. Instead of having to put an actual black orc character thing, you simply deduct the number of black orc elements in the army as a whole from the baseline animosity probability.

This lets the dice-rolling addicts who love chaos get a chance to do their thing while everyone else can avoid that kind of pain.

I'll try to game that out over the impending break - which seems to be the only time get to do game design work these days.