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Thanks Doi and Codsticker. Yep they are a khornate band, I just decided to de-bunnify them. The heads are mixed, but will primarily be the helmeted heads from the Blood Reaver kit for an old school chaotic look. The Skullcrushers will have their riders updated with Blood Warrior torsos and arms, and I'm building a custom lord using a Skullcrusher and Slaughter Priest from the starter set. I've also converted the Darkoath Warqueen and Khornified her so she can run double duty as an Exalted Deathbringer as well as using her original rules for Malign Portents. I'll try and get some more pics up soon. I'm feeling far more enthused by these guys, so much so that I barely stopped working on them since I picked them up
Which Slaughter Priest? The original two-handed axe one (one of my favourite AoS models) or the sword/censer one that was also free in the White Dwarf?

Are you going to tackle any of the elite infantry like the ones with the whirling chain weapons?