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    Shadow War: Waterworld

    Hi all,

    With the arrival of Shadow War I've been thinking about making a suitable board. After failing to get myself a copy of the boxed game I've since picked up the rules on eBay. Without the savings on terrain that the box offered I'm not going down the GW route so I started looking around and finally settled on a theme for my board...a Waterworld.

    The basic idea is a 3'sq Waterworld mat from Deepcut Studios and some sort of multi-level structures emerging from it. After having a look at what's on offer I decided to go with something a little different, the Space Elf range from TTCombat.

    So last Sat I was at Salute and grabbed 4 packs of towers (2 towers, 3 walkways & 3 stairways in each) as well as 2 landing pads, and a pack each of the obelisks and the soulward. Lucky for me I saved a tonne of mulla as TTC reduced their prices for the show.

    So far I've put together one pack of towers and they do look pretty good. While a little flat and not quite as elegant as I'd like at 8 a pack it's hard to argue. I do have plans to add a bit more detail to both side of the three vanes that support the tower but more on that later. The joints between the vanes and the platforms has been stronger than I expect too as I was considering making some extra support but now I'm not sure its needed...I may well regret not doing something though

    I will start another pack of towers tonight then maybe put up some pics to show off how well they connect up. I'll also get some pics up soon showing the start of my first Kill Team, Ork Kommandos from the Bloodaxe Clan.

    I have a few notes of fluff for this world and the reasons for the conflict etc so will try and get that put up at some point.
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