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Thread: Korean War Jet Game

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    Korean War Jet Game


    I am looking for a game of early jets, capable of playing the Korean War era.

    Altitude rules are a must have feature.

    I prefer no Hexmats, but it is not a deal breaker.

    Why do you enjoy the game you are recommending?

    Do you like free wargames?

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    Re: Korean War Jet Game

    Check Your Six! would be the classic. It uses hex mats, but I've played many a game with it and its worth it. It uses move pre-planning and planes will have things like different turn rates and such, meaning that (just as in real life) certain planes benefit from slashing while others want to get into a turning battle. Similarly it also manages to make veteran and ace pilots appropriately difficult to fight, as their skill is both an attack and defense modifier, as well as giving them limited ability to shift their move. Here's a link to the campaign book for Korea. You will still need the core rule book, but otherwise these rules basically carry over to any jet combat scenario, with some modifications for specific planes or equipment being found in specific campaign books. Happy hunting!

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    Re: Korean War Jet Game

    I'm a bit of a resurrectionist here but I can happily recommend THE SPEED OF HEAT by J.D. Webster (former USN A-7 pilot and creator of the Fineous Fingers comic in DRAGON Magazine) and printed by Clash of Arms Games. I was one of the developers of the system and the game. It is a board game but converting to miniatures simply requires hex shaped bases for the easiest changeover. It covers Korea through Vietnam and has bucket loads of a/c and scenarios with everything from solo play bomber intercepts to large scale Alpha Strikes. The flight point system modifies how far you move based on how steeply you climb or dive so you do get an easily visualized 3D game.

    For a dramatically higher lever of realism and complexity you might even consider BIRDS OF PREY from Ad Astra Games. It uses box miniatures on stands that represent bank and nose attitudes as well as altitude. It's an impressively exhaustive and accurate ACM simulator. I'm relatively certain they have a supplement focusing on Korea either available or in the works.
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