Hello everybody!!

On this thread I will post pics of all my fantasy army logs;

I have all the armys, but I haven´t got all painred. I prefer to paint army list, so this is the way I'm going to update this:

Select the army that i´m going to play about 2-4 months, make the army list, and paint it. Also, during this journey, I will paint some extra characters of that army.

If, for example, I have 80 bloodletters, and I´m using 20, but I have 20 or more painted, I will paint another 20 (if not, I won´t paint it never).

Probably, some day, If I have e-time, I will post the list of each army, bit I have a lot of core units and it´s a boredorm count it.

This year i have painted some VC models (I have an entire army painted from 7 years ago +-, and some new units to paint), and some beastmen models.
I stop painting beastmen because I will play demons this year. So probably this nigth I will post pics of that vampire and beast models, And the demons I've already painted (just a few... I pretend to have all the 4500 models painted on July, and probably some more unit´s.

Also, I have some half painted Skavens that I will end when I end the demons.

So, that´s all!! Have a good day !!