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Thread: khador VS circle 50 points

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    khador VS circle 50 points

    I recently expanded my small force with the addition of the winter guard gun carriage (getting me to 50 points) which it so happens was one of the main reason I chose khador as a faction.

    my MKIII force consists of
    .ursk II
    .war dog
    .widowmaker marksmen unit
    .widowmaker solo
    .gobber tinkerer
    .gun carriage

    As I currently play something like 8 different game systems(classic battletech, dust tactics, infinity, 40K, victory at sea etc...) this is about as far as I am going with WM.

    My opponent usually plays cignar but lately he has gotten big into circle mostly for the wolves.

    this time out he tried a new war caster that favored a bit more infantry so he only took 2 warp wolves filling out the rest of his force with skinwalkers, wolf sworn, and even a wyrdwood
    unfortunately I didn't take a good pic of his army.

    I went first
    he tried to sucker me in close since most of his force is melee oriented popping his feat first turn to give his entire army stealth.

    I backed off and let him come to me. I ended up using my solo sniper as bait, he took it grouping many of his units up as he closed making them ideal targets for all my cannons as well as some good work by my devestators rain of death attack.

    He did get to my as I knew he would, but he made 1 little mistake, he moved his castor close enough for my behemoth to get a charge off.

    He used his transfer ability to keep his castor alive for a turn but it killed his last warp wolf in the process.

    As a final gambit he charged ursk with his 3 remaining skin walkers...but failed to hit or wound ursk(I love my wardog!)

    At that point he conceded the game since he knew his already wounded castor could not survive another round against the nearly un-damaged behemoth.

    it was actually a really hard fought and close game at the end.

    Im not one for long winded reports so I just hit the highlights.... here was the final battle positions on the table at the end from different angles
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