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    Lost Egg's Inadvisable Plog


    Welcome to my inadvisable plog...why is it inadvisable do you ask? Well it's because my aim is to paint every mini I own and such a fool-hardy plan may well see me pop my clogs the moment I finish, assuming I ever actually get there

    I've recently been struggling financially so I came up with a cunning plan...sell a load of my gaming stuff. I had way more than I was likely to get to anyway so its not quite as tragic as it sounds. I've still got a random collection of maybe a dozen minis as well as a couple of Kill Teams for Shadow War. On top of this I'd like to make some generic, though still characterful, rocky terrain. I'm open to adding to this pile of lead & plastic before completion and I have plenty of sculpting ideas but we will have to see how it goes.

    For starters I'm going to build and paint up a marine Kill Team using the Chaos list so I can use power armoured guys. Rules-wise I will ignore cultists and switch the marks rule for They Shall Know No Fear and use the skills chart from the scouts list. I've not written a list yet but am guessing it will be maybe 5 guys and I can then add a few more marines and specialists as and when. Rather than create my own chapter I've chosen a rather unknown one, The Emperor's Wolves ...behold the first member of my marine kill team, Brother Red Shirt 1...

    I also made up a little terrain test for basing and when I make up some rocks...

    The scheme I came up with for the marines is pretty quick and I'm pleased with how he turned out. I couldn't find any black low-gothic numerals for his squad badge and this guy has little in the way of kneepads to speak of so I had to put his company number on the side of his leg. I may change how the squad and company is marked when I paint up some Primaris (when I get some just waiting on the full kits and not the mono-pose ones)...I'm thinking the company colour on his left kneepad with the squad number on top in low gothic, though GW don't seem to do those numbers much on their transfer sheets.

    If anyone knows of a source for low gothic numerals in white or black I'd love to hear of it.

    The next red shirt is already built and on my painting table
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