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    8th Edition: Adeptus Arbites Index

    So 8th has barely hit and I've already cobbled together a template for doing index-style data sheets

    While I will eventually be porting my 7th edition codexes over, I may wait until we see the first official codex for 8th before I get too ahead of myself. However, in the mean time I wanted to do something simpler, so decided to knock together a quick index style release for including Adeptus Arbites. I feel like I'm stepping on Ambience 327's toes a bit, since he always releases a great Arbites codex for every edition, but I've kept mine pretty simple, focusing mainly on units that can easily be made from old Arbites models, as well as some common conversions such as bike-mounted Pursuit Squads.

    So, without further ado, here's my first foray into 8th edition rules:

    • Version 0.2 [PDF]
      Version 0.1 [PDF]

    (Apologies for the hairline gaps in the headers of the PDF, I'm not sure how to prevent them)

    To give the cliff notes version, the important features of the list are:

    • Units:
      • Arbitrators are pretty solid with good Leadership, 4+ saves and BS 3+ as standard.
      • Patrol Squads are built around short to mid-range firepower, with Vanguard making them a good base for a force if you want to move forward and start shooting quickly.
      • Suppression Squads focus on melee combat, with defensive smoke grenades (function like Smoke Launchers), they're tough with a 5+ Invulnerable save as standard, boosted to 4+ by their unit ability until they lose too many models.
      • Riot Squads are an Elite mix of the two, basically suppression shields with ranged firepower.
      • Pursuit Squads are basically bike-mounted Patrol Squads.
      • Pursuit Sentinels are a mix between Armoured and Scout sentinels with the same Vanguard ability but the tougher armour, but with a generally mid-range weapon options.
      • Arbites Land Speeder is basically a Land Speeder Storm.
      • Cyber-Mastiff pack with optional Handler to boost them, are fast moving and vicious, with the same No Escape ability as Wyches, for when those Vice-like Jaws get latched on
      • Judges are the main front-line characters, with Morale boosting, with Marshals being the upgraded HQ version which can also bolster other Imperium forces, both are not to be trifled with one-on-one.
      • Chasteners hurt enemy Morale with their presence and Scare Grenades (but these must be thrown and hit at the right time).
      • Chaplains help encourage Arbites to hit things more.
      • Rhinos and Repressors for transport. The Repressor is a little tougher, main benefit is a couple extra transport capacity, firing slits, and the Riot Plough giving more damage if it charges at least 6".
      • Sniper and Support teams are basically sniper rifle and heavy weapon weapons team type units (paired models). Both have a Suppressive Fire ability to represent that they're trained to support their fellow Arbitrators, meaning if they inflict wounds they can prevent an enemy from Overwatch. So makes for a good one-two-combo for a charging Arbitrator unit. Doesn't work with other Imperium units (or even different precincts) as I'm assuming it's very much down to precision timing.
    • Wargear:
      • Shock Mauls are weaker Power Mauls that can force save re-rolls on 6's to-Wound.
      • Arbites Shotgun has different firing modes; none more powerful than a Boltgun as such, but with high flexibility. Might need a slight points increase (e.g- 3 vs 2 for a Boltgun or such). Not sure though.
      • Choke Grenades force Toughness tests on non-Vehicles that, if failed, reduce a unit's to-Hit rolls; one on its own won't do much, but a unit or two throwing them out together, or using Grenade Launchers with Choke Grenades can seriously impair a target.
      • Webbers also force Toughness tests, but can affect Vehicles too. For each failure the target suffers a penalty to all movement. Again, in isolation this won't do much, but with the Heavy Webbers especially quantity means you can grinding all sorts of targets to a complete halt. Very useful for preventing especially nasty combat units from charging, but I like the idea of your local Arbites precinct pinning down super-heavies with riot-controlling glue-guns
      • Suppression Sirens (Pursuit Sentinels and Land Speeder) can force an enemy unit to fight last; requires the vehicle to charge, but can be very handy if your Arbites are forced to put down some pesky Howling Banshee or Slaaneshi Daemon rioters!

    So yeah, the aim is for the units to individually be relatively weak, but synergise well, with combined choke grenade and/or webber salvos giving you a lot of crowd control options. Choke grenades especially mean you can render an enemy almost useless in the first round of combat, making it easier for your Suppression Squads to mop up weaker enemies, or get some much needed early damage in against stronger enemies with less chance of being horribly mauled to death before you get a chance to. Cyber-mastiffs are either deadly or pesky depending upon whether you use them to hurt or just slow the enemy (who potentially can't escape them).
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