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Thread: 12th Panzergrenadier Division - Yet another DK P-Log!

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    12th Panzergrenadier Division - Yet another DK P-Log!

    And in the meantime whilst Iím waiting for the weekend painting session I thought Iíd make some progress on the 2nd and 3rd shadowswords..


    And No.2

    (Converted this one from the storm hammer I had been working on and since realised I had 1 too many...obviously will still need stripping)

    And an additional item...

    Of course having cast all the parts for the lifter arm itself I then realised Iíd failed to make a mold of the counterweight... doh! Initial cast came out well but there were a couple of air bubbles (fixed with plasticard tube) these will be ironed out for all future pulls.
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