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Thread: 12th Panzergrenadier Division - Yet another DK P-Log!

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    12th Panzergrenadier Division - Yet another DK P-Log!

    I've been meaning to start a project log for a long time. My plan has, like many of us, been to build a full sized Imperial Guard Division. What follows on this thread is my attempt at just that. Now please understand that I don't actually play 40k anymore I just enjoy modelling so naturally you will see things in this force that don't necessarily make sense rules or indeed backstory wise but what the hell, let's have some fun!

    Ladies and Gentlemen I present the beginning of this project.
    (About half the tanks and Infantry I have are on display here.... the others still need to be assembled)

    The 12th Panzergrenadier Division 'The Devils Dozen'

    Comprised of (to name a few)

    • 1st and 2nd Companies

    6th Panzer Battalion
    ('The Iron Sixth')

    • 2nd Platoon

    2nd Company
    Fallshirmjäger Battalion 594

    • 2nd Company

    110th Lancer Regiment

    • 2nd and 4th Companies

    179th Jäger Battalion
    ('The Black Cuffs')

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