Overall, I think most agree that 8th is general improvement in the state of the game. I'm enjoying it and think its generally an improvement. That said, there are, of course, some flaws or weirdness. I thought it would be fun to collect the oddest rules and changes in the rules for discussion in one thread. This is not a thread for complaining about mechanisms (such as the changes to templates to D6 shots) but for more odd ball things.

I'll start with my current two favourite flaws:

Combustible atmosphere
Well, I exaggerate, but flamers autohit everything, including flyers! Given their generally short range, i can only assume that pointing the flamer above your head sets the entire sky on fire, given the effectiveness of these at hitting flyers.

Magnus forgot his glasses
Magnus the red used to be able see any target on the table, and fire a beam strength D against many different things. Now he has a slightly better version of smite, which does D6 mortal wounds instead of D3, but must fire at the nearest target. The change can only be explained if we accept that Magnus has forgotten his glasses.

Any other fun oddities in 8th that people have noticed?