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Thread: WH40K 8th scenery buildings rules tryout

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    WH40K 8th scenery buildings rules tryout

    By breaking down the fortifications, using the past couple editions of 40k building rules, and some common sense; I present my first attempt of rules for buildings used as scenery in 40k 8th edition. Maybe someone besides myself has intact 40k buildings and can use this. Necromunda and Industrial/Sector Mechanicus buildings use the rules for ruins. Intact non-industrial buildings can be quickly stated based on their size, the materials they are made from, and their intended use.

    Size (footprint in inches) Wounds
    small (6x6) 10
    medium (9x9) 20
    large (12x12) 30

    T (materials the building is made from)
    10 (strongpoint, adamantium)
    9 (bastion, plasteel)
    8 (bunker or palace, plascrete)
    7 (hab block, rockcrete)
    6 (brick, block, or stone)
    5 (wood or corrugated metal)

    save - intended use
    3+ fortification
    4+ palace
    5+ hab block
    6+ strong building
    - light building

    The Transport capacity of a building is = one unit of a size equal to the Wounds + any number of characters. They don't detonate and at 0 wounds are replaced with a ruins or crater.


    Wooden farmhouse
    small building, T 5, W 10, Sv -, transport one unit of up to 10 models plus characters

    Rockcrete 3 story building
    medium building, T 7, W 20, Sv 5+, transport one unit of up to 20 models plus characters

    What do you think?

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    Re: WH40K 8th scenery buildings rules tryout

    That sounds really good.

    Im still trying to think of something extra, like a morale test if the building suffers half its wounds in a single phase?

    10 wounds left and suffers 5 wounds? Unit inside takes a morale test.

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