I am a huge Warhammer fantasy fan

So huge I have read over 50 or maybe 60 fantasy novels

I am such a Huge fan that I have written a, so far, 47 page word document on how I would change warhammer fantasy if I owned it. The changes are to the lore, it is the lore that I like.

Here as some spoilers

First I would bring warhammer fantasy back, so no end times :P

Then I would change Bretonnia to be closer to how it was during the 5th edition lore, and not the corruption it is now. The lady of the lake would not be the elf god Lileath who is using the humans as a meat shield for the elves.

Light magic would have healing again.

Kislev would be closer to how the 4th edition was described with both male and female ice wizards.

And one of the biggest changes would be the introduction of a farming god that most of the peasants in the old world nations worshipped. The nobility and upper classes would worship the "state" religions Sigmar, Myrmidia, The lady of the Lake etc, but the peasant who spends almost his old life working in the fields would worship a god connected to that type of life. Humans in the warhammer world usually worship many different gods at different occasions, so it would be more accurate to say that the peasants worshipped the farming god most of the time.