So I've decided to play in my local Fate of Konor campaign, and I'm using it as a chance to finally get around to all those Chaos miniatures I've not painted yet. This weekend I've been doing the Khorne Khultists armed with Khutting Khimplements, and while I'm not hugely happy with the result and I really should go back and highlight the skin and neaten up a few bits here and there, I expect them to die so quickly (khwickly?) that it won't make any difference. They certainly look much better than they did as grey plastic!

(Don't question why Kharl has an autogun rather than a melee weapon; if anyone asks I'll just say that he plans to hit people with the heavy end. Chaos doesn't have to make sense!)

I enjoyed the very slight conversion work here - the big bloke with the chainsaw is just the regular autogunner with the end of the gun replaced with a chainsword, and the chap in the mask has one of the flamers from the CSM sprue - I needed another flamer and apparently he's got a really strong left arm!

Sometime this week I'm going to try and finish the Nurgle cultists, accompanied by Typhus - I painted half of them about two years ago and never finished, so it'll be nice to see how my painting style's changed over the time. I hope it's at least slightly neater!