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Thread: Starting Malifaux Completely from Scratch. Have a few Questions.

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    Starting Malifaux Completely from Scratch. Have a few Questions.

    Hello, very new to Malifaux never even played a game.

    First off I'm not trying to make this as cheap to get into as possible, not saying money is no object but I'm used to wargaming so this isn't my first rodeo. In other words I'm not one to be found replacing a card deck with a regular deck of cards. Not that there is anything wrong with it, it just isn't my style.

    #1 The M2E main Rulebook and the rules manual. Am I to understand that the rules manual is a compact book without background like the smaller rulebooks GW used to put into their Warhammer boxes? Is it necessary? It says it has an expanded index. In what way has it been expanded? Are those rules covered elsewhere in another book?
    #2 Not interested in getting the starter set. I don't want those models. I would like to buy a box of NeverBorn and one of Resurrectionists.
    #3 Other rulebooks: Crossroads, Ripples of Fate and Shifting loyalties. Are these campaign books that come with rules that may be used in regular games of Malifaux or are they compartmentalized for when you are only playing in that campaign? Help me out here. Why should I want them? If I need them I'll get them but I want to know why.
    #4 Decks: Arsenel Decks for Resurrectionist and NeverBorn, Generalist Upgrade Deck, Generalist Upgrade Deck 2, Shifting Loyalties Campaign Deck, Schemes and Strategies Deck (will I require a second for my opponent?).
    #5 Fate Decks: I know I need two, one for myself and one for my opponent. They have the Arcane Fate Deck, The Arcane Fate Deck(Black), Evil Baby Orphanage Fate Deck, Bad Ink Fate Deck, Classic Fate Deck and Seriously Twisted Fate Deck. Am I right in my assumption that a Fate Deck is a Fate Deck and any Faction can use anyone of them, that they are not specific to Factions? All of these Fate Decks here are merely cosmetic in their differences?

    Thank you for any help or advice you can lend.
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    Re: Starting Malifaux Completely from Scratch. Have a few Questions.


    #1 Yes, the rules manual are a smaller compact version of the rulebooks without background. I have not seen any differencen between the rules in it and the main book.

    #2 Buy the models that you like. The starter set is a good introduction for new gamers but most people that I know of started by buying the box with the master they thought was the coolest.

    #3 The books contain rules for the models released and it can be nice so se rules before you buy the models but they are not really needed. They do contain som fluff thou. Shifting loyalties contain a campain system that is fun but not anything that you use for every game.

    #4 It is handy with an exta set of Schemes and Strategies Deck but you can just write down on a piece of paper what Schemes you choose.

    #5 A Fate deck is a Fate Deck. You can use whichever one you like.
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