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Thread: Starting Malifaux Completely from Scratch. Have a few Questions.

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    Re: Starting Malifaux Completely from Scratch. Have a few Questions.


    #1 Yes, the rules manual are a smaller compact version of the rulebooks without background. I have not seen any differencen between the rules in it and the main book.

    #2 Buy the models that you like. The starter set is a good introduction for new gamers but most people that I know of started by buying the box with the master they thought was the coolest.

    #3 The books contain rules for the models released and it can be nice so se rules before you buy the models but they are not really needed. They do contain som fluff thou. Shifting loyalties contain a campain system that is fun but not anything that you use for every game.

    #4 It is handy with an exta set of Schemes and Strategies Deck but you can just write down on a piece of paper what Schemes you choose.

    #5 A Fate deck is a Fate Deck. You can use whichever one you like.
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