I already stated my first thoughts on 8th edition 40K, and I could not stop myself from thinking ...

My list in no particular order of the figurines that I like, have, and would like to game with are as follows:

- vanilla space marines in power armor
- imperial guardsmen
- chaos cultists
- necron warriors
- ork boyz
- genestealer hybrids

I have storage cases filled with the above miniatures. Do I finally dump everything, or do I try to salvage some component of play with 8th edition 40K?

All of my figurines are on 25mm bases (even my Space Marine Terminators). Some are lead. Some are pewter. Some are over 20 years old. Some are over 10 years old. Some are over 5 years old. And, I am minimalist painter. Not much of a second-hand market value. I might as well see if I can fit into a niche with 8th edition 40K. By niche, for example, I mean around four or five 10-man squads of imperial guardsmen on foot.

I found the "Read-Along: Warhammer 40k 8th Edition" videos by CanHammer on youtube.

I had no idea what was in an Index book until I skimmed through some of these CanHammer videos. Hmm, looks to me that if I want to game with my above figurines in squads/mobs/broods using 8th edition 40K, then I need the following Indices:

Index: Imperium 1 - vanilla space marines
Index: Imperium 2 - imperial guardsmen
Index: Chaos - chaos cultists
Index: Xenos 1 - necron warriors
Index: Xenos 2 - ork boyz, genestealer hybrids

Jeez, that's all five of the Indicies.

Page 242 in the 8th edition 40K rulebook under the BATTLEFIELD ROLE SLOTS states:
The icons on a Detachment are referred to as slots. Each slot will typically specify a single Battlefield Role. Each slot allows you to take one unit. Red icons are compulsory selections - you must take at least this many units of the appropriate Battlefield Role to include the Detachment in your army. Grey icons are optional selections - you can include up to this number of units with the appropriate Battlefield Role when including the Detachment in your army.
Page 243 has diagrams of the detachments. The Patrol Detachment and the Battalion Detachment each have the battlefied roles of HQ and Troop containing red slots while none of their other battlefield roles (Elites, Fast Attack, etc.) in the Patrol Detachment and the Battalion Detachment have any red slots. Let me remove those battlefield roles which do not have any red slots from the the Patrol Detachment and the Battalion Detachment, and restate these detachments using "Red" as a prefix as follows:

Red Patrol Detachment
- Red: 1 HQ, 1 Troop,
- Limit: 1-2 HQ, 1-3 Troops

Red Battalion Detachment
- Red: 2 HQ, 3 Troop,
- Limit: 2-3 HQ, 3-6 Troops

In the above "Red" detachments, I have a commitment level of miniatures for a player that I like as a starting point. Next, I need to define the control levers to increase and decrease the capability of the "Red" detachments, for example, as follows:

- Maximum power level of a HQ
- Add Dedicated Transports

I can see a "Red Patrol Battle" occuring on a 2'x2' play area. A Space Marine Captain on a bike has a Move of 14" and, for me, that's too much mobility on a 2'x2' play area. A Space Marine Captain has a power level of 5, a Space Marine Captain in Terminator Armor has a power level of 8, and a Space Marine Captain on a bike has a power level of 7. If I set the maximum power level of a HQ to 5, then I retain the Space Marine Captain, and disallow the Space Marine Captain in Terminator Armor and the Space Marine Captain on a bike. I would have to go through all of the factions to see the impact of having a maximum power level of 5 for a HQ.

The idea of "Red Patrol Battles" and "Red Battalion Battles" has me leaning on the fence towards the side of 8th edition 40K and buying the Indicies.
- "Each codex is a dedicated book about a single faction from the Warhammer 40,000 setting and game"
- "You can expect to see around 10 new codexes before Christmas, starting with Codex: Space Marines, coming later this month."
- "Even with the pace we’re planning on releases these new codexes, it’s going to take well over a year to get to all of them."
- "Rules for new models not covered in the index (like the upcoming Redemptor Dreadnought) will be available in the box with the model and matched play points for these units will be made available online."
- "Certain armies will get new miniatures alongside their new codex, and others won’t."
- "Codexes, of course, allow us to focus on a faction in more detail than we could ever hope to in an index book. Alongside new expanded and updated background, you’ll find a wealth of rules content: army specific Stratagems, Relics, Warlord Traits, Tactical Objectives, psychic powers and more besides."

The idea of 8th edition 40K being only about codex games has me leaning on the fence away from the side of 8th edition 40K.