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Ten years ago, I would have been really excited about 8th. It seems like a pretty decent game.

The thing is, I'm comfortable playing 2nd. I don't have a ton of time to game anyway, and I would prefer to spend my money on other stuff than what is basically a variant set of 40k rules.

To me that is the only reason to switch - the ease of finding opponents. If you have a group that plays the edition you like (as I do), I can't imagine making the switch.
The Commissar here covers it nicely, except the small group of people I DO play 40K with play 3rd Edition. I tried to keep current with at least one army, but it dawned on me that I simply did not like the game that 40K had become. Then, from that point, I couldn't see investing time or money into a game I genuinely wasn't happy playing. So that wisdom is the first wisdom I impart to anyone questioning whether they should "upgrade" to the newest edition. That, and a person should have a clearly defined idea of what they want in a game, and go from there. With social media nowadays, it easier than you think to find opponents for dead games or obsolete game editions.